Monday, February 13, 2006

Its a little over two weeks until two key funding application deadlines. The good people at the Ministry for the Environment (MfE) and Wellington City Council (WCC) have both given us an opportunity to seek their financial help (see the earlier entry in order to get ShoppingFix running. By the way,
I still haven't solved that banking issue.

Both MfE and WCC follow pretty rigorous processes so I'm busy chasing down costing info to get the web side of things cranking - including trying to get my head around SMS database management. We're currently investigating forming a partnership with the Sustainability Trust (also of Wellington) to further research undertaken by them into restaurant/bar/cafe sustainability practices.

On the operational side of things we are now in dialogue with 11 local businesses. These relationships are all in their infancy but all parties have been very helpful with their feedback and encouragement. We're currently all about identifying businesses who see sustainability as an important issue - and have used the help of the good people at Radio Active ( with some success.

If you know of retailers, food and entertainment outlets who you'd like to see as business members of ShoppingFix, get in touch with us at Even if you're only interested as a customer let us know your thoughts.

Be well merry people. I look forward to seeing out there in wonderful Wellie, this is truly a great time of year to be entertained en masse...! Go the Fringe festival (!


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