Friday, September 14, 2007


Things are mighty busy right now. So much so that ShoppingFix has taken a back seat.

We've hit the pause button so I'll post here on a less regualr basis. In the mean time there are several events to look out for.

1. Council elections - Wellington's carbon neutral aspirations will be fleshed out when post election committees are established in November. ShoppingFix is on the story board.

2. Carbon trading - The Govt/NZX "TZ1" carbon trading platform will be outlined in the next month. So too will a bunch of other Govt. "led" sustainability initiatives.

3. Music - The 2007 SuperSession gig is being jointly hosted by SurfAid and the Wellington Free Ambulance. Book the date: November 10th.

4. Work/Travel - My new(ish) job takes me to Fiji, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh over the next 2 months. I'll offset it somehow. Mark my words.

Catch you soon...

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