Friday, June 08, 2007


Following up on Sundays "...carbon ...breath" post, the Wellington City Council last night agreed to "recommendations that will see the Council and the city embark on a path to carbon neutrality."

Over at WellUrban there's a little pre decision context for the Councils' aspiration - including a call "not to be too cynical". Yesterday however, the contents of my mailbox introduced a little cynicism. ShoppingFix was declined funding by the councils environmental grants sub-committee.

When the council states "...consumer choice, transport methods and innovation all have a place in how Wellington achieves carbon neutrality", one wonders why our sustainable shopping resource has no fit.

We were criticised for having no "clear standards and... monitoring process", and for proposing a process that would see "certain businesses being promoted over others".

The ShoppingFix concept of stakeholder accountability rather than traditional standards was lost on the committee. As was the logistical difficulty in engaging with every Wellington retailer simultaneously. While reading the committees decision I wondered just how the Council chose the paper supplier that ultimately enabled them to advise us of their decision. Will hypersensitivity toward nepotism prevent Council from engaging with the logistics of carbon neutrality?

There is of course a hint of sour grapes in my tone. The ShoppingFix application was not articulate enough. Given that we're angling heavily at Councils recognition of "consumer choice... and innovation" as key pillars for carbon neutrality we need to communicate our concept better.

Council staff have until September to "suggested projects and initiatives that could support" options for emissions reductions. The ShoppingFix concept will be suggested to staff as one such initiative.

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