Friday, March 03, 2006

Contrary to the approach taken by many large environmental charities, ShoppingFix is about hope,
action, and change. Its a no-brainer really. We're more likely to achieve widespread change if the platform is positive. Name and shame tactics do not propose a solution.

Naming and shaming appeals to the reality TV inclination of our lives by promoting a
passive "oooh, aaah, look at what she's doing" reaction. Passive reaction will not make the difference we need. The earths finite recourses are being flailed mercilessly by the current "business-as-usual" approach. We need to change the way we consume.

Like a couple of initiatives that have come to my attention this week hope to do. You'll love this adaptation of Star Wars for the US Organic Trade Association.

Right here in Wellington a couple of design inclined peeps have come up with a Kotahi Ao, a grassroots film project that highlights solutions to our environmental plight. ShoppingFix would have been an ideal feature for their film, but we've missed deadline by quite a bit! I'm really looking forward to seeing this film later on in the year.

About the time ShoppingFix goes live. This week we completed a significant funding application to the Ministry for the Environment. If we get that funding we will be meeting you on the streets of Wellington in November this year. If we don't get it we'll just have to be even more clever.

In the mean time have fun, catch the last of the Fringe Festival if you can, and keep thinking about how you consume...

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