Monday, March 20, 2006

Well well... ShoppingFix is still incubating. I'm pleased to report that it is a happy little baby. I've sent off a couple more funding proposals and have been going through my usual routine of scouring the net for items of interest. If I ran a to-do list, at the top would be "organise your browser bookmarks folder". Yikes! Just ran the cursor over it. Its very scary in there.

In my web wanderings its become clear that I'm tec-inept. Web-tec specifically. I'm doing some fossicking on open source associated concepts and have constantly run across web development entries - particularly in the fascinating worlds that are OpenBusiness and Creative Commons. I'm able to get a lot of overview info from Wikipedia - but it is just that: overview. The answer is of course to stop leading myself down the garden path and do the first things first.

So in coming entries I'll speak to the solution seeker in you. Which I may be able to do most effectively if I organise my bookmarks folder. Dammit...

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