Friday, April 21, 2006


Tomorrow, Saturday, is Earth Day. So I thought it best to list a few earthly Wellie-town attractions. I'll visit one of them for sure - so should you.

1. Otari-Wiltons Bush
I fully recommend a dusk visit where you'll be blown away by so many chubby kereru (wood pigeon).

2. Karori Wildlife Sanctuary
Apparently since the Sanctuary has established bird life in west Wellington has become more diverse and plentiful. I live just around the corner in Northland and tui are abound! There's even several ruru (morepork) who have nightly conversation near home.

3. Kapiti Island
You'll have to get organised fast for this. Only possible by booking at DoC or a local boat operator.

4. The south coast
The stronger the southerly the better - I think a northerly is forecast tomorrow, so there will be some sheltered spots. The south coast is raw Wellington...

5. Makara Beach
I was out there a few weekends ago and you could lean into the northerly almost to 45deg. Full-on! If its a calm day its a perfect spot for skimming pebbles.

6. The Zoo
If you can get past the "caged animal" connotations of the zoo and appreciate it for the species protection benefits, then this may be for you.

7. Botanic Gardens
If you're in town take the cable car up there. If your Earth Day antics are true, your preference should probably be Otari-Wiltons Bush. Otari is native and regenerative where the gardens are a good example of "botanic colonisation" (but pretty all the same).

8. Sharpen up
Mandatory. Tomorrow is a good day to consider your earth impact as a consumer. If tomorrow is your supermarket day - buy organic. If you're shopping ask what went into what you're buying - if the shop staff can't tell you then walk away. Take a used shopping bag from home! If you must, drink local beer off the tap or from a crate!

9. Beach Party
The Greens are organising this. It seems a little abstract and not particularly earthy but raising awareness is a good thing. "beach party in Manners or Cuba mall 11-1 Gareth 04 381 4640"...

The only Kiwi listing on the earth day website is a lifestyle challenge offered by WWF. So other than the Greens event (no.9 above) you need to show some initiative to connect with Earth Day. Hey, you could just hug a tree if its your thing...

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Docta G said...

Nice, some good ideas there Mikey!

My vote goes to the South Coast, but then I'm biased!!!

Unfortunately I'll be spending Earth Day in front of a computer screen. Luckily I went on an overnight tramp last weekend. First time since Duke of Ed at Hutt Valley High!!!