Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"Let my people go surfing" is the 2005 book written by Patagonia founder and owner Yvon Chouinard. I'm about 3/4 through - having purchased recently through alonovo. The book is an amazing documentary of how Patagonia, the outdoor clothing and equipment company, has evolved into an environmentally conscious business.

In presenting ShoppingFix info to some of the businesses we're working with I included a seminal quote from Chouinard: "every time I've done the right thing for the environment I've made a profit". This quote is given substance in his book. You may recall that I'm typically not one for shameless product endorsement unless there's some benefit for my cause, but this book should be everywhere. It's an absolute "must read" for anyone involved in business.

In short Chouinard is an advocate of an ecological world view. Business practice should reflect the environment in which its suppliers, staff and clients (customers) exist - and for an outdoor clothing and equipment company this is vitally important. The book shows how it is possible - and essential - "to blend work, play and social duty and be all the more successful as a result". Highly inspirational - and even more so if you're into the outdoors.

Find a copy if you can, and read it. Hey, even email me if you like, maybe I'll lend you my copy...

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Mountain man said...


Was that you I saw running through town wearing a cape on Friday 19th May ?


Oh, and can I borrow your book.