Sunday, May 28, 2006

On Thursday I attended the launch of the local version of the Sustainable Business Network's Get Sustainable Challenge. The challenge is pitched as "a path to business success" - and speakers from Formway Furniture, Studio Pacific Architects, and Meridian Energy spoke of how they anticipated business success to emerge from sustainability decisions they had made.

Entries for the 2006 Get Sustainable Challenge close 30 June. The sooner that businesses find the path, the quicker the benefits will become apparent.

The SBN goal of course is to encourage as many local businesses as possible to embark on the path to sustainability. That too is a goal for ShoppingFix. In addition to the promise of cost savings through business efficiencies, the Challenge provides business with an incentive in the form of an awards evening. ShoppingFix aims to galvanise consumer support for sustainable business - providing businesses with a direct economic incentive.

Although the SBN initiative is available to all businesses, ShoppingFix has the plus of being available to all Wellington city consumers everyday. So if the Get Sustainable Challenge can get businesses on the path to sustainability, and ShoppingFix can get consumers thinking about sustainable shopping, then the path just might become the road most travelled.

Don't forget, you can help us make ShoppingFix a reality by attending our June 7th fundraiser.

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