Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My Dad drives one, my flatmate drives one, and so do thousands of other Kiwis. Quite rightly, many claim a legitimate need for their SUV. I'm heading to the hills with my flatmate this weekend, and often tag along on kayak trips - missions made a lot easier because he has a gas guzzler that can go all but anywhere.

My flatmate feels a little uncomfortable, but my Dad is substantially oblivious to the gas guzzling 4x4 impact. But not as oblivious as the guy in this latest Greenpeace ad (hat tip Gristmill).

The ad is part of a concerted effort on the part of British anti-SUV activists to place social pressure on gas guzzlers. Like a recent spoof ticketing effort as reported last week, pushing SUV stigma is indeed a clever campaign ploy.

If you absolutely must buy an SUV consider that Hyundai seem to be getting continued good press - also outlined in my earlier moto-thread.

Take a look at the Greenpeace ad. It's hilarious. Fwd it to your SUV friends, hell, maybe even put post-it notes to better use at your workplace...

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