Saturday, September 09, 2006

Spring is here, the grass is riz, please take care when taking a wizz (etc). As the best season for tramping is upon us it's worth remembering to look after the bush, and look after our innards.

Over on The Piton, they've recently posted on an article about how shitty (literally) the water in the Appalachian Mountains is. 69% of hikers who don't treat their water get crook. Eek!

Kiwi tramping stats are hard to come by, but most who get into the bush know the risks of giardia infection. In tramping areas with DOC maintained huts there is usually signage indicating the suitability of water for drinking. A good outdoors store will have water treatment kits, and advice a-plenty.

Whether on frequented tracks, or in more remote spots it's worth remembering the DOC Environmental Care Code. Pretty much wherever you go, someone will take the same path some time later. So pack out what you take in. And if there's no dunny, bury your crap away from water courses.

Getting out there is a crucial element in having respect for the environment, and it gives valuable perspective for better city living. Happy tramping!

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