Friday, October 06, 2006

Hopefully it'll shape up with some public interest this time. This morning the Environment Minister David Parker dribbled rhetoric all over the lectern at the VUW Climate symposium. National released a large discussion document this afternoon, and of course the Greens released major proposals back in March.

Although Parkers speech this morning was toothless, Labour have been up to a little bit on the climate change front. But not enough.

I've got my fingers crossed we can rid ourselves of petty "he shagged her" and "she's got a flash business card" bitching. Let's have genuine press coverage of climate issues instead. National have a major chance to score points here, they look to have caught Labour on the hop.

Labour have made very little ground since I listened to Parker at a conference in March. No mention of a price on carbon emissions today, no guidance for business investment decisions.

I'm gonna digest the Nats document over the next few days. I hope that the traditional media outlets can be an effective ring master with this issue. Now is the hour! We, the people, need to engage!


mikeymike said...

...piss off puneet, and piss right off andrew cohen.

you're both a waste of space.

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