Monday, October 16, 2006

Well I got Dimmer on Friday night at The SanFran... bloody hell! As if I needed to be reminded of the live genius that is frontman Shayne Carter...!

I'll have to confess that I only saw Straitjacket Fits once when I was at uni. And I never owned an album until a year or so ago. But I experienced the brilliance at Bodega as part of last years Fits reunion tour, and then there was Dimmer on Friday night.

Carter is to guitar what Tenzing was to Eddie in knocking the bastard off. Friday night showed just what the world missed out on when the Fits split in 1993 - but would Carter be doing Dimmer if that didn't happen? Probably not. The gig featured ripping instrumentals engulfing the range of Carters moods, and (as many others have said) felt and sounded more like the Fits than much of his other recent work.

Friday's was the last gig of the tour - so back up north for Dimmer. In sharing the love with the nation over the last month, Carter and his crew are bound to have made a whole lot of people a whole lot happier. Cheers!

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