Tuesday, October 10, 2006

EECA and the AA today announced that the race is on. It's the 2006 AA EnergyWise Rally - the race to find the most fuel efficient car in Kiwi conditions.

You may recall from a very early post of mine that Toyota took the major prizes at the last event held in 2004. This year there's more competition and arguably a lot more at stake.

"Green motoring" is big time. A bunch of Hollywood hoity-toity's all turned up in a Prius at last years Oscars; Willie Nelson's bus is powered by green fuel (in more ways than one); and in addition to Greenfleet and Envirocar, there have been a few local green fuel initiatives since the last rally (incl:1,2,3).

So we wait with interest for the November rally. If you're gonna promote driving, it might as well be smart driving.

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