Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Brits have had enough. You probably have too. Some say that sustainability starts at home. In reality it often starts at the supermarket. Or rather it gets left at the supermarket.

A British Government minister yesterday called for a public revolt against "excessive and unnecessary" food packaging.

A friend highlighted a local example in a photo essay that's hanging on a wall somewhere in Wellington. I hate naming and shaming, but Sealord Tuna packs are a pathetic waste of resources.

In fact Britain's local environment minister is to spank the big boys (of supermarkets) for not addressing waste issues. Do you hear our David Parker backing up the Packaging Accord?

Of course not, because "
producers and packaging users will take more responsibility from the beginning to the end of the packaging lifecycle". There. Done. Perfect. The blessing of a voluntary, industry led Kiwi initiative.

Name and shame, and a sarkie 'tude in the same post isn't flash, but with any luck the Waste Minimisation Bill will come to the rescue. In the meantime maybe on your next shop you can ditch the debris.

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