Thursday, January 11, 2007

Here's another regular(ish) piece that falls on the lighter side of sustainability. Consumerism Run Amok is dedicated to the humour of mediocrity in the music industry.

Consumerism Run Amok has emerged from my boredom (as a music lover) with reading three star music reviews. Why should we be interested that another ordinary music release has hit the shelves? We're seeking entertainment dammit!

If the work under review isn't entertaining surely the review itself can at least raise a giggle. Therein lies the potential of one star music reviews. Consumerism Run Amok is about celebrating the humour needed on the part of a reviewer with a one star release in their hands.

So, without further adu: the first amok subject is the Rolling Stone review of a recent album from that weaselly little dribbler Clay Aiken. "...[M]aking an album this soul-suckingly awful must have taken some hard work".

Just to make sure I did some checking: " exercise in earnest melodrama that" " still pure vanilla custard" according to USA Today. And no, I have not heard a note of this album...


Anonymous said...

"and no I haven't heard a note of the album"

That much is obvious. You're just a soul sucking copycat that will slam a guy without cause, simply because some other assholes are doing it.

Anonymous said...

Man, you've stepped in it. Your blog is going to be invaded by crazy Claymates. Hope you have a flame suit available. Those bitches are insane.

Anonymous said...

Insane? I beg to differ. Could it be we just prefer a singer who can REALLY sing, sings words that can be understood and, having understood them, you don't mind if your childen hear them? The crap that passes for music nowadays is one of the many reasons that Clay Aiken is so welcomed by so many fans.

Guv said...

Dear "Claymates"

Your man clearly can sing. No dispute there. And he may well choose (or alternatively, be fed) "words that can be understood". These traits alone combined do not ensure quality entertainment.

The Jeeves and Worcester skit featuring a tobacco company rep posing as a doctor comes to mind: "A stethoscope and a plausable manner do not make a doctor. I am a conman and you are a git."

What this post/series is about is the entertainment value in the output of one form of entertainment review. I was entertained by the review of this album.

Your mans album made its debut at no.2 in the US. So I dont dispute his appeal.

But had I not heard this guy sing and was was to seriously consider purchasing the album, I'm afraid I'm more likely to believe an experienced music reviewer than someone who values his ability to clearly articulate a theme through song.

But, I've seen the guy on telly and to be honest, the USA Today review I refer to above summarises MY impression.

Nevertheless dear Claymates, please take the upside from my post; "hard work" (Rolling Stone) is a positive trait, and "pure vanilla custard" (USA Today) is very tasty.