Saturday, January 27, 2007

Crikey... got to stop... got to take a breath... The ante has been upped and green stuff is all over the media. Here we go:

1. Hamilton lad rears a mutant frog - Hamilton and Springfield are oft compared (ahem...).
2. Kapiti council to use glass as roading basecoarse - for a backgrounder see my December post on the issue.
3. Auckland recycling co. now accepts most plastics - council only promotes curbside recycling of 1&2 plastics but it looks like a sustainable market has emerged for others too.
4. China invests in massive ecosystem destruction - clearing forest in Borneo and PNG for oil and biofuel production. (Hat tip Grist).
5. Clean energy can supply 50% by 2050 - globally that is. (Hat tip whoar).

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