Monday, January 15, 2007

Richard Branson - the Knight of "sex sells" - is on deck at the moment. Reports from his meeting today with Climate Change Minister David Parker will be interesting. Stay tuned.

It turns out that Parker was in touch following Branson's announcement last year that he'd throw 1.6bn quid at renewable fuels. And why not stick your hand out when there's product development to be paid for.

Parker is trumpeting the likes of Marlborough's Aquaflow, Genesis Research's BioJoule, and Auckland's LanzaTech.

Lets hope that at least one of these companies is sexy enough for Branson - one of the few genuine characters of global business. I'll have an update for you tomorrow.

Update: No explicit reports of the meeting, but Aquaflow director Nick Gerritsen loves the exposure. Also, this morning Aquaflow announced a $5m capital raising - prospectus available online.

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