Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Continuing the amok series is Slant magazine's one star review of Tenacious D's movie soundtrack The Pick of Destiny.

Don't get me wrong. Although this is crap, Jack Black is a clever chap. High Fidelity is one of my fave films and on the D debut album Black came up with the epitome of musical efficiency. Although inward singing hasn't taken off it held the potential to cross over piss-take and serious music.

Imagine the "filler tracks" on otherwise fine albums having (by decree of some recording supergod) to be halved in length through inward singing. Brilliant!

But I've seen this one in sale bins already. If only D took their own advice. This album would be ep length - thereby not subject to an album review. But they didn't and the Slant reviewer hated it:

"What was once a cult curio on HBO that affectionately sent up the inanity of the music business is now a brand name, something to be latched onto without really understanding what it's all about."

The music business. Abound with god-like talents, mindless egotistical pomposity, and morons. This cd review sums up the aims of the amok series in one clean hit.

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