Thursday, March 15, 2007


Getting ahead in the motoring emissions game will often get people thinking hybrid cars.

For one chap up Kapiti Coast the lure of a $5,000 hybrid had him salivating. Until he was warned of 1st generation hybrids that can cost as much to repair as they cost to buy. His decision to switch from rail to road was based on the shitty Paraparaumu train service.

And of course Auckland have seen a boost to their train service with the re-opening of the Onehunga line. A little Wellington discussion on this Auckland issue can be found here.

Over on Frogblog there was a little post about the AA giving their car of the year award to a big Volvo. They also have a post about the shipping vs aviation emissions debate which was aired earlier on Gristmill.

Update: 15 March - They're gonna build a train tunnel between Morocco and Spain (hat-tip Gristmill).

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