Friday, March 09, 2007


As our Kiwi summer thinks of drawing to a close those northern monkeys are preparing for another scorcher. And naturally, it's the season of music festivals.

Imagine taking the bare essentials and flying from London to Valencia (offset and during daytime of course), hopping on a ecofuel shuttle to nearby Bennicassim festival, lapping up four days of the Animal Collective, Peter Bjorn & John (etc etc), crashing in a recyclable tent, then heading back to recuperate in Hyde Park in your underwear.

It's possible to do with a light eco footprint - the flights being the only bummer.

Ecofuel being the logical next step for Valencia - a region that grows and processes oranges by the megaton. They're to turn the pulp waste into vehicle fuel.

Cardboard tents are the brainchild of a British design grad. He's commercialised the idea after talking to festival organisers and finding that the "biggest [waste] problem was the number of tents that are discarded" following events like Glastonbury.

The tents are conceived to be rented at festivals - the punter arrives, dances, sleeps in and leaves the tent which is recycled by the organisers. Its designed to withstand five days rain. Allright.

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