Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Jim Small of organic yogurt outfit Cyclops has pretty much single handedly grabbed the recycling industry by the short and curlies.

No small number of intelligent yogurt munchers have coerced all five Auckland councils collect "5" or "PP" plastic with curbside recycling.

Cyclops have now teamed up with Commonsense Organics to spread the recycling love to Wellington.

Here in Wellie all you need to do is take your clean, de-labelled "5" plastic to any of the four Commonsense stores. They'll take any "5" plastic. Any. So long as it's clean. High five!

But logistically that's not the end. Like glass recycling, the stuff has to get to Auckland... being the considerate company they are, Cyclops will even do that for you. Cyclops and Commonsense. Two brands winning hearts and minds.

In a similar vein, they're celebrating the polar fleece with a party tomorrow (Thurs) night at Good Luck. Seriously. A good reason to celebrate. And a good reason to catch The Bonnie Scarlets.


Anonymous said...

great news - thanks for the update. A little baggie of number 5s will be forming under my sink. Go the yoghurt people, and Commonsense. I feel the love.

weka said...

What happens to the pottles when they get to Auckland?

An even better idea is to wash your cyclops pottle and then when you need more yoghurt go to your local organic or wholefood retailer who will refill the pottle from their bulk supply of cyclops yoghurt. Why isn't Cyclops promoting this as an option?

mikeymike said...

weka, i wasn't aware of the bulk option.

its probably not promoted it as i imagine bulk yoghurt comprises only a tiny portion of sales.

as for the auckland stage of processing, other than the fact they get shredded there i'm not sure...