Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Marjorie was the all knowing trash heap in Fraggle Rock.

Wellington City Council's landfill manager took National Radio's Our Changing World on a tour last week. The city's trash heap made for fascinating radio (13 min audio).

The great home recycling habit of Wellingtonians is discussed in contrast to what we get up to at work. "Places of work constitute 80% of [the] waste" supply. Most is recyclable.

I recommend making the most of open days when they're on. I had a tour a year or so back and I'll return to see how projects like methane capture, bush regeneration, and Kai-to-compost are progressing.

Update: Part 2 of the National Radio piece is even more fascinating. Landfill manager Mike Mendonca explains how troublesome the concept of offshoring recycling processes is. It's reminiscent of an earlier post that talks about plastic recycling.

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