Thursday, July 19, 2007


Vanuatu to Iceland
A year ago this week I mentioned that Vanuatu was the happiest place on earth. This year the New Economics Foundation have released a European Happy Planet Index. Iceland are on top (c/o The Guardian). "[H]appiness doesn't have to cost the earth."

Consumer Mush
I've been banging on about the growing ethical consumer market for a while now (1,2,3). It's been mostly Kiwi and UK research. Findings out of the US aren't so clear (c/o Gristmill). "The vast majority of people don't have very well-articulated views of the environment". That's not surprising given that "82% of Americans have neither read nor seen" Invonvenient Truth. I Wonder what the viewer numbers are here...

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Graham said...

There's a common theme - they're both volcanic lands