Sunday, April 30, 2006

I came across an interesting article at about how in the US (urban, coastal US at least) there is a groundswell of shopping options for the environmentally conscious consumer.

The baby boomer impression of a dirty hippy wearing a sack is clearly irrelevant when a multitude of outlets are pushing their version of green and cool. From organic cotton tees to organic fair trade teas, "green" is everywhere.

So much so that green consumerism has become a means for the aware among us to display to the world that we care. It is of course a trend that is pervasive in our consumer economy - we like to show others what we stand for, or, "we are what we wear". I am however reminded of the Family Guy episode where Peter feels the need to compensate for his small appendage by buying a large red sports car.

If a big red sports car says "fatuous crotch infatuation", then its not dificult to say
"I care, and it's cool to care". A little bit of thought put into buying your next pair of shoes (or your long black, or book), will allow you to wade through the marketing jungle with confidence.

Of course "a little bit of thought" needs to happen every time you vote with your wallet - and that's where ShoppingFix will be able to help. By providing you with a tool to show you care almost every time you consume...

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