Wednesday, May 03, 2006

You probably picked up the news from a couple of days ago that a new Kiwi "climate skeptic" coalition of scientists and lay-persons has been established. The news was greeted by the Greens with cautious "debate is good" optimism, but the reaction from Greenpeace was quite bizarre: "the scientific community is united, the debate is over."

The Greenpeace staffer effectively got on her high horse and scorned the new group for daring to oppose the majority. Not a good look for an organisation that espouses values of free speech, tolerance, and understanding. I linked to the original press release from a blog run by the Libertarians. As you'll see in the comments section I incited a little discussion. Its always good to see the entrenched blindly adhering to their cause...

Back to climate change. You'll remember my thread from a few weeks back where I called attention to an old North & South letter to the editor. And what do you know, Augie Auer has popped up again. He's a member of the new climate skeptic coalition, and was interviewed by the NZ Herald about his views. His position. He's not budging, nor is he going beyond his back of envelope figures as criticism of "back of envelope science".

Mr Auer refutes climate change projections as being based on bad science. I am yet to see his climate projections or any foundation for him saying "its all OK". To him there is no link between human activity and climate change. Today Dr David Wratt (NIWA/IPCC) has replied to two days cat-fighting with a good summary of the IPCC process and his thoughts on Auer math.

Its good to see Mr Auer has got in with some help. Maybe the new coalition (gets my nomination for ugliest website of 2006 so far) can come up with something to talk about.

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