Tuesday, August 15, 2006

You know it's been a tough news day when Gristmill are on about 1930's inventions - especially when it resembles Peckhams finest means of goods delivery. But maybe, just maybe, there is something in this one:

"...a car that seats eleven passengers, turns on a dime, has excellent fuel efficiency, and cruises happily at 120 miles per hour."
It got me to thinking just how ugly three wheel cars are. Ever since the days of my hotbike I've always wanted to believe three wheels are cool. The "trusty" old reliant of Only Fools and Horses fame did me no favours, and quad bikes have firmly supplanted three wheelers on your average farm. But to be sure, I did some hunting...

And hey presto! The beeb has reported that an EU funded project called "The Clever Car" was due to hit the streets last year. No sign of it yet, but it looks pretty good. In a big city setting the Clever could just carry off the cool angle sufficiently to prompt the image conscious SUV driver to consider it. Names aside, Clever has more than a few similarities to the Carver - which was road tested by Jeremy Clarkson's lot a while back.

Although the Clever is founded on fuel efficiency, both of these two three wheelers (one-one was one too) are traffic congestion beaters and just happen to look all right.

I can rest easy knowing my hotbike days were well spent - there's still some legs left in the old three wheel concept yet...

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