Thursday, August 31, 2006

In a true reflection of where rampant shopping gets us, the Beeb has a piece about one man's quest to ditch his high falutin' branded days.

In a kind of burn or get burnt antic he's promised to destroy all of his branded kit as a display of his newfound freedom. Is this a first step toward a more sustainable shopping ethic? It's certainly some welcome fashionista honesty.

Like many a sad tale of lust and despair, the hard times emerged from early habits:

"Once I had nagged my parents to the point of buying me the shoes I was duly accepted at school, and I became much happier as a result."

In posting previously on the satisfaction of shopping (eg. referring to it as a national pastime), I hadn't considered the happiness that comes not simply from being adorned in Armani, but also from being checked out while festooned in FUBU. Go figure.

The comments that follow the article are predictable enough. Most are of the "don't burn it, you idiot, give it away" persuasion which highlight the obvious flaw in our naked crusaders plan. Just how he intends to get through his life as a "music promoter and style magazine editor" without becoming an outcast remains to be seen.

One thing is for sure, if this brand burning is to be as iconic as 60's bra burning, it's a step forward. Maybe the "give, don't burn" message will get through - a sure winner for goodwill stores.

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