Friday, September 15, 2006

Random updates on posts from the last few weeks (and other stuff):

Lights off! This weekend is the cursed Lambton Quay "leave your lights on" twaddle. You can now read the WCC summary of filming activities and street closures (20kb PDF).

Gear Junkies: My earlier post on mindless shopping by outdoor types was backed up with a post on bush water care. Now the French want to charge climbers to scale Mt Blanc. Apparently it's a mess up there - you could say that the trash heap has spoken.

Are you local? Hot on the heels of last weeks praise of Sainsbury's comes a UK National Consumer Council report (via The Guardian) on the environmental policies of supermarkets operating in the UK.

Real climate: In some good climate change news there's a meeting currently being held in Zurich in an attempt to get key developing countries on board for post Kyoto Protocol efforts. If successful, that's one less neo-con excuse for ignoring global citizenship.

Go on then, flick the lights off when you leave work, and have a good weekend!

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