Monday, October 30, 2006

It's been an interesting few days in the climate change political cauldron. Following an underwhelming address in Wellington a few weeks ago, Labour indicated over the weekend that they are soon to introduce a stronger environmental platform (as suggested earlier).

On the weekend Labour raised the lofty possibility of NZ becoming carbon neutral. Its an encouraging indication of where we can aim. Some love the possibility. But the Nats think it sucks, and the Greens want more. I agree, a clear policy guide has been demanded time and time again. Come on Helen!

In further climate change news:

  • There's a Climate Change Festival to be held this Saturday afternoon at the Paramount in Wellington. It features film (incl. Who Killed the Electric Car at 9.30pm) plus forum and is part of the Global Climate Campaign activities. Look for the yellow and black flyers in local cafe's.
  • Next Saturday will also see a rally down Queen Street as part of the same campaign. The rally will demand that Kiwi's take urgent climate change action.
  • Stern words have been written by a British economist. Nicholas Stern has reported on the economic impact of climate change and found that inaction may cause a 1930's-esque depression. His full report is to be published tomorrow.
  • UK's environment and finance ministers have been discussing taxes on imported goods (beef, lamb, butter, kiwifruit...) in an effort to offset the emissions impact of shipping goods to Britain. Their discussions were prompted by initial drafts of the Stern Review.
  • The entertaining carnies over at NZ Climate Science Coalition have reacted adversely to having Al Gore show up in Auckland next month.
So, plenty happening on the climate change front. Are we inching our way toward a sustainable future? Are we moving fast enough?

Update - Tuesday: a copy of the Stern Review can be found here. National Radio featured solid discussion (audio files) this morning. Scoop have a lot of commentary - including this article, and an audio download of the PMs Party Conference address. So, plenty to digest!

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