Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's the new year and a lot of folks have been busy over the last little while. Here's a snapshot to get you current:

US Bi/Tri-Partisan Climate Initiative: Senators Obama, McCain, and Lieberman proposed a bill yesterday that aims to cut US GHG emissions by 2% p.a. Hat tip Gristmill.
Keepin' Wellie Pumped: Wellie Tourism launched the Texture website last month to "hook you up with the best spots to spend your nights and where to recover during the day". Hat tip WellUrban.
UK Big Biz Explore Green Potential: A taskforce has been established under the watch of the Confederation of British Industry to investigate carbon taxes and offsetting. (See this June-06 post for prev. reports).
Neutralising PC's: Last week Dell introduced a carbon offset program available to global customers from this April.
Motoring advice: Maybe a little late for your summer roadie, but the UK Energy Saving Trust has a 10 point list (32KB PDF) for fuel efficiency. Hat tip Edie.
EU Climate Change Initiative: The EU proposed an ambitious region wide GHG reduction plan as part of their new energy strategy. The Economist has an interesting logistical analysis of the issue.
Blog Traffic: If you want to up your blog traffic by 100% then post about about C*l*ay Aike*n. Bloody hell. I've learned a new term though: "claymate". Very scary.

Plenty of food for thought...

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