Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So intelligent in fact that British scientists are developing a test to determine whether bottled water is sourced from where it claims to be. Better late than never.

An episode of Only Fools and Horses screened in 1992 depicting a classic Delboy Trotter scam. Del, Rodney, and Gradad bottled and sold water sourced in their kitchen as "Peckham Spring" water.

That episode influenced one Lancashire chap, and had similarities to a failed 2004 Coca Cola product launch in the UK. They love their bottled water in the UK. Probably because their tap water is often rubbish.

In a 2005 NZ Consumers Institute survey, 44% of Kiwis "seldomly or never" purchased bottled water. Consumer have also got a summary of unsubstantiated NZ bottled water claims (rego needed). We instinctively know it: New Zealand tap water is generally fine (but maybe not from roof fed tanks). ESR administer a (pretty shitty) website summarising national quality data - as we know, it's good stuff but water is a resource under pressure.

The bottom line is this: buying bottled water is largely a waste of time and money. It's environmental cost is significant, and it doesn't make much sense to process something that does not need processing. Whats more (sorry, I couldn't help it) water and gaming consoles don't mix.

Don't bother yourself worrying whether the bottled stuff is any good. Do yourself and the planet a favour. Drink water from the tap.

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