Tuesday, January 23, 2007

About time you had the good oil on where we're at with ShoppingFix, and also, what's where and why on this here page.

First some directions:

You'll notice a few new(ish) features if when scrolling down the right. The old favourites (literally) are there for your entertainment and for fixing your footprint.

Regular 'fix kicks
is where you can quickly get to the themed posts, and Kiwi icon fix is a series of links to iconic moments in our history. The contents of icon is of course open to debate (don't be shy).

The instant fix tools near the bottom are quite handy. If you haven't done so already take a look now.

Now for sustainable shopping:

Matt, an instrumental cog in the early ideas stage of ShoppingFix, is back from Japan. But Ants is off to take a work contract in Crete. One in and one out has provided a good chance to reassess.

We've decided to pare things back to bite sized chunks of development. First is a sharp website full of sustainability info and resources. It'll not only inform you, it'll also be where we seek your support - in the form of membership.

We'll concurrently develop sustainability guidelines and formalise our commitment to fixing shopping by engaging with our business members. From that point we'll (re)re-asses the viability of a rewards program that offers some payback to you for supporting businesses who give a shit.

To help us along the way we'll be fundraising, so stay tuned for how you can help out by having fun with us.

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