Monday, April 30, 2007


Fair Trade fortnight kicked off on Saturday. It literally kicks off this coming Saturday avo with Fair Trade football at Wellington's Waitangi Park.

Before then it literally flies. On Thursday night you can head up to the St John's church hall (Dixon/Willis) and buzz about the room with the aid of the worlds most popular performance enhancing substance.

Yep, from 630-8 it's as close to an open bar you'll get at a church hall. Coffee coffee coffee, Latin music, and the wisdom of a Costa Rican fair trade co-op farmer. $4 on the door.

We fine ShoppingFix'ers will be stripped for football at Waitangi Park on Saturday afternoon. And look out. We have a (not so) secret weapon. Two in fact. If they show. The lively and lovely footballing design twins were "discovered" at Havana on Saturday night. They talked it up which is good enough for us so we signed them.

Check the Fair Trade fortnight events. There's a little banter over at the Wellingtonista - including someone pointing out that a friends of mine's fair trade products are available at NW Karori. Nice.


Joanna said...

So did they manage to source some fair trade balls for the soccer yet? When I talked to Trade Aid, they said you couldn't get them in New Zealand...

mikeymike said...

In short: not sure.

There've been a few briefs sent to teams including info on the FLO endorsed Etiko fairtrade footballs.

If we're not using them I assume we'll be using old dungers - which is fine by me.

We're hardly in need of top of the line gear, and of course the event should not be unnecessarily resource hungry...

mikeymike said...

Oh, if you're reading this and heading down to PLAY football on Sat, cleats are NOT allowedon Waitangi Park.

..."Caffeine and no cleats" just didn't have a ring to it.

onebadhobbit said...

Who is Joanna? And why so doubting? Such a shame. Shame to that your secret weapons didn't tuen up mike, but you did. You always do. Good man!peregrino