Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Over the last few weeks a mass of mainstream magazines have offered their take on all things green.

We talked about the Fortune Magazine feature a few posts ago. It contains a series of inspirational articles that should get anyone involved in any kind of business salivating.

The flagstaffs of style at Vanity Fair have flown a different colour with a green issue too (h'tip frogblog). For the inquisitive individual there's "50 ways..." advice piece. They remind us to unplug our mobile charger. And apparently using a "lawn mower for an hour causes the same amount of pollution as driving a car 93 miles". They advocate electric - I say push.

Time Magazine have gone one better in their appallingly titled "global warming survival guide". Their 51 things to do include advocating summer tie-less days in the office - allowing the aircon to be relaxed a little. It worked in Japan apparently.

Even Elle has "green feature" emblazoned across it's cover. Pity the single green article is dwarfed by six pages of dribble about "somebodies girlfriend" who drives a "shiny black Prius".

Maybe Elle readers abound in Arkansas.
Treehugger highlights Arkansas news editors (hopefully) having a laugh and printing a letter that lamented "the warming effect that an extra hour of daylight [savings time] would have on our climate."

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