Thursday, May 17, 2007


My buddy Dion and a few of his crew are putting together a doco about the demise of rail travel in our beloved Aotearoa.

He put out a recent call for "art patrons" to get "Maintrunk Country Road Song" produced with the following teaser:

This promises to be train spotting de-freaked (with just enough geek to keep you in your seat). It will no doubt cover many of the issues raised when closure of the Overlander (Wellington to Auckland) service was announced. It will certainly have charm, oddball, and some cool music.

When the Overlander was resurrected it threatened to (ahem) derail the doco, but no! Some opportune story hunting and a few oddball personalities have kept the film on track (take that!).

If this fundraiser looks like your thing leave a message with Dion at his dysfunctional blog or email him. For "investor" status and a ticket to the premier $30 is a steal. You'd better be quick.


tinakori_vibe said...

"When the Overlander was resurrected", the cynic would say that Toll Rail never intended to scrap this service, but wanted to see if the govt was going to bail them out. They didn't, but boy did they get a decent amount of publicity from this whole stunt, and they even managed to get the greens campaigning on their behalf. kind of ironic, as Toll is an Australian company more interested in the bottom line profit than green transport issues. I guess until you can bring the time of this journey under 10 hrs, then it isn't going to be a viable transport alternative for most people. It's not like the Green MPS from AUckland take the train home on Fridays after parliament finishes for the week

mikeymike said...

I like conspiracy theories. So the media and Toll were in on thie whole deal...!?

Travel time bites on that line for sure. I took it Wellington to Hamilton a few years back. It was a shitty day - no scenery. No power points for my laptop...